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Elephant is a multifunctional economic platform enabling users to create and maintain businesses in a new way. The project is based on cryptocurrency elCoin, a decentralized Ethereum-based digital currency. ElCoin is a digital token of Elephant contracts in Ethereum network. It’s a settlement unit valid within the contract.

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Elephant. WHAT IS IT?

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How to connect elCoin to Mist wallet

Web-wallet elcoin.space is not the only way to manage for elCoin. For users who do not rely on centralized services to keep them elCoin, it is possible to control the balance of the purse through desktop Mist application. More...

Вебинар Elephant 4 июня 2016г

Вчера состоялся вебинар, во время которого мы как всегда, постарались рассказать о главных новостях проекта 7Elephant. More...

Why have included a commission?

As you know elcoin working on blokcheyne Ethereum, where all transactions are paid for each entry in the sender's address with blokcheyn removed Gas - it is a kind of fuel Ethereum network. Together with the transaction to provide additional information on how to address what, where and how much was sent elCoin or other service information. More...

Accrual algorithm. Or, as in the network there are new elCoin.

Digital token elCoin has a sophisticated algorithm calculation of remuneration. Symbiosis PoS (Proof-of-stake), to motivate participants to store tokens and PoT (Proof-of-Transaction), to motivate the use of the token on the market. More...

Elephant Platform Announces Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency elCoin

Elephant, a multi-functional economic platform, has launched elCoin, a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum project. The cryptocurrency is the first to launch worldwide built on smart contract and blockchain technologies. The unit cost of 1ELC is set at 2,5 EUR at the crowd sale stage. More...

Elephant Platform Announces the Launch of elCoin — Ethereum-based Digital Currency

On December 15 the multifunctional economic platform Elephant launches a smart contract elCoin based on Ethereum project: the first currency available worldwide that is built on Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies. elCoin unit cost (1ELC) at the crowd-sale stage is set at 2,5 EUR. More...

elCoin - new cryptocurrency by Elephant

New smart elCoin contract was announced December 15, 2015 by Elephant. Cryptocurrency Blockchain based on technology and Smart Contract. The declared cost of one unit elCoin - 2,5 euro. More...

It announced the start of the Elephant - the financial platform based on Ethereum

Elephant announced the official launch of elcoin network. Today opens job exchange services, users have the opportunity to buy directly from premayn purses. It will also be available an application for Android. According to the project management, the iOS app will be a week later. More...